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Caviar extracts Ampoules with 100% undiluted solution promote skin regeneration and have excellent anti-aging effects. It is excellent in moisturizing effect that keeps skin soft and moist. Caviar extract is a liquid type skin care product made from 100% undiluted solution.
The two types of ampoule that intensively cures and restores skin troubles with caviar concentrate, which is effective for reinforcement of skin barrier and prevention of skin damage, contains main ingredients required for skin such as concentrated supply, concentrated elasticity supply and concentrated pore care, It helps you to manage.

▪THETIS 15ml

Contains high-purity caviar, helps the skin to regenerate & moisturize creating a perfect skin without defect. Caviar Ingredients 100% Intact Care for a short period of time using the undiluted solution. This increases the resistance to damaged skin and makes the skin healthier.

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